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All VibroKinetic Energy Grinding Mills are equipped with 240/480V, 3ph, 60Hz motors and starters.  All mill motors have adjustable weights for control of mill amplitude.  Complete automated control systems can be designed and provided for any situation.

The following options and accessories are available on selected models.

For precise fine product separation we offer:

Adjustable Air Cyclone Classifiers

Ultrasonic Screens

For wet grinding, or in-process combination wet grind and leach operations the following is available:

Slurry Pump

Recirculation System

Polyurethane Mill Lining


For large tonnage production, the 3080 and 2080 mills can be configured in three mill sets such that a "rougher" mill, equipped with rods, reduces the coarse feed to approximately 100 mesh, which is then fed into two fine grind mills equipped with balls to further reduce the material to the desired particle size.

Various custom configurations can be supplied to take advantage of the VKE mill systems.  Custom configurations are dependant on the type of material to be ground, desired particle size, and other characteristics of the product.  

Light, very fine products are generally air elutriated and drawn off by air float to the dust collector, returning the larger particles to the mill for further grinding to the proper size.  

Heavy ores may require only direct reduction with gravity feed discharge to achieve desired fineness for optimum value release by chemical leach or vibratory tables. 

Wet grind and leach configurations are used to combine chemical processing and mechanical milling in one operation to save time and money to avoid extra steps and equipment costs.

Contact MicroGrinding Systems for recommendations and quotation on specific equipment to best suit your requirements.  Test grinds can be done on your material at our facility near the Little Rock airport.  You are welcome to come by for a demonstration.




           MicroGrinding Systems, Inc.
          1823 East 17th Street
          Little Rock, AR 72202
          Phone: (501) 374-8402   Fax: (501) 374-0671






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