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New VibroKinetic Energy Grinding Mills

New Equipment

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Model 624

The Model 624 Laboratory mill is designed for batch or fine grinding production up to 50lb./hr.  Weight, without grinding media is 600lb.  Dimensions are 2'Wx2'Hx2'L.


Model 1040

The Model 1040 Pilot mill is designed for small production requirements.  The mill system will produce up to 250lb./hr. of fine material (Range = 1 to 1000um) from hard to grind 1/2" and under material. Weight, without grinding media is 1,200lb. Dimensions are 4'W x 4'H x 4.5'L.


Model 2080

The Model 2080 mill is the most popular series mill. It is capable of 2,000lb./hr. production of most materials ranging from 1 to 1000um particle size. Weight with out grinding material is 6,500lb. Dimensions of the mill are 92”L x 74”W x 68"H.


Model 30-120

The Model 30-120 mill is our largest production mill. With 1/2" and under feed material, the mill is capable of up to 2 tons/hr. production. Weight, without grinding material is 8,000lb. Single mill dimensions are 8'Wx6.5'Hx11'L.