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MicroGrinding Systems, Inc. offers a range of services at our Little Rock, Arkansas facility, including the following:

Custom Grinding

We can custom grind virtually any material to your specifications.  We offer quality control throughout the process to ensure the correct particle size. Our grinding systems are capable of output of less than 1 micron.  We will perform test grindings on your material to demonstrate our capability. Contact us for more information.



We also offer screening and classifying through our particle size controllers. We can screen to 200 mesh through our vibratory screening systems and classify your material further into the 3-5 micron range through our air cyclone or hydrocyclone systems. Contact us for more information about our screening and classifying services.


Particle Size Analysis

We also offer particle size analysis services using laser diffraction through our Micro Trac Instruments Particle Size system, for particles between 300um and .3um. We can also screen test material between 1" and 400 mesh. For details, please contact us.



Our facilities also offer packaging services for your material in a variety of packaging media, including poly bags, bottles, foil packs, boxes and super sacks. We can handle product sizes of from a few ounces to 2,000 lbs. and up.


Contact us for specifics about our packaging capabilities.