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Advantages of the VKE Grinding Mill

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...utilizing a tuned spring system... saves and reuses the “rebound” energy...

Vibratory grinding mills have been around for some time, but the VKE mill is a unique and major development in vibratory fine grinding, utilizing a tuned spring system to completely suspend the grinding chamber and the vibratory motor energy source.  This design saves and reuses the "rebound" energy and permits the construction of a low-cost and maintenance-free mill.  

The motor is attached directly to the grinding chamber and there is no power train to maintain.  The motor is the only moving part in the mill.  The net result  is the lowest cost and most energy efficient fine grinding mill on the market today.

Vibratory mills have the advantage of generating much higher impact, or grinding forces than ball mills or other similar mills, which are based on the gravity force generated by falling balls or rods impacting the material to be ground.  Vibratory mills are not limited by gravity and much greater impact forces can be generated by the rapid vibration of a motor-driven grinding chamber.  

...larger and more frequent impacts... translates to faster and finer grinding.

Much larger and more frequent impacts on the material translates to faster and finer grinding.  The VKE mill is remarkably fast and energy efficient, and is capable of quickly reducing very hard material into micron fineness.  No special foundation is required since the energy applied is directed back into the mill and not the floor.

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